False Starts

The second post here is nearly a month late and for that I apologize. Nothing like having no content right after getting started, but there are reasons and excuses.

A reason for the delay in any and all content here is a pretty significant family tragedy that made it difficult to focus on the work I wanted to do here compared to where I needed to be offline. Could I have found a way to publish? Of course, it was possible, but I didn't want to half ass anything during that period.

The excuse is there was, in the times around that family tragedy, was there was a lot of Destiny 2 being played. I could have and probably should have stopped playing to get out the next write ups, but I didn't. That is something for which I will apologize.

My Destiny 2 write up will be up shortly as well as a short update to the most recent major update to No Man's Sky, which is now… (checks watch)…almost two months old. Yikes.

Ok, gang. If you're reading this, thanks.