You Wouldn’t Download a Car

Sammy Cooper, for Twinfinite, about an EXTREMELY limited edition bundle for the new “Gran Turismo”: 

 Announced by Sony Taiwan, the bundle costs NT$1,398,000, which in dollars is about $46,600. It comes with a limited edition 2018 Mazda MX-5 adorned with PlayStation Logos, a PS4 Pro, PSVR, racing chair and steering wheel setup, a Sony 4K TV, and 12 months of PS Plus. Oh, and it also comes with the game – in case anyone forgot the reason for the bundle. 


I guess you technically aren’t downloading it, but still… 

Ubisoft Misses The Point

“The possibility of experiencing a life of hardship because of one unchangeable aspect of yourself doesn’t actually exist in the game, even in a humorous way. Implementing a difficulty slider that not only changes your character’s skin color but also changes how the world reacts to you would have been a brilliant and unexpected way to teach empathy to players.”

- Polygon’s Jeremy Winslow on Ubisoft’s South Park: The Fracutured but Whole nearly making a poignant social commentary with their character creator. Instead, they made a crass shitty joke. At least it’s on brand for South Park.

False Starts

The second post here is nearly a month late and for that I apologize. Nothing like having no content right after getting started, but there are reasons and excuses.

A reason for the delay in any and all content here is a pretty significant family tragedy that made it difficult to focus on the work I wanted to do here compared to where I needed to be offline. Could I have found a way to publish? Of course, it was possible, but I didn't want to half ass anything during that period.

The excuse is there was, in the times around that family tragedy, was there was a lot of Destiny 2 being played. I could have and probably should have stopped playing to get out the next write ups, but I didn't. That is something for which I will apologize.

My Destiny 2 write up will be up shortly as well as a short update to the most recent major update to No Man's Sky, which is now… (checks watch)…almost two months old. Yikes.

Ok, gang. If you're reading this, thanks.

Begin Tutorial

Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

This is the inaugural post of this my new video game and culture (but mostly games) blog (and possible podcast?).

People writing about video games and culture (but mostly games) is a crowded field. I knew this was something I had to do for my own fulfillment. I've done a lot of personal writing on Tumblr for 10 years now. It's mostly shitposting now, but so is most of Tumblr. "When in Rome…", I guess.

Video games are important to me and they are to a lot of people. They are the thread that runs through my life and, quite frankly, kept me out of a lot worse at different depths of Depression. 

What to Expect

As this is not my paying job right now, updates will be weekly (very weakly; EDITOR'S NOTE: Parenthetical Jokes are my favorite). I will post a section about "how I play", meaning what my set up is like. Most of my games will be PS4, 3DS and iOS-centric mobile games. Write ups will be after public release until I get enough sauce to get preview copies. That will be noted when that happens. Likewise, if I'm given any thing by a manufacturer of anything for review purposes, I will be transparent about thatI want you, dear reader, to trust me. Not just as a games journalist, but as a person. I'd like to be your friend (probably in the sense that I am a person you are aware of online and he word "friend" is the only description of whichyou can think), your cool uncle that isn't that much older than you, the coworker that you don't really talk to but definitely seems alright. I like it when people like me, ok?

In Conclusion

I'm writing for me, but I'm also writing for those who want games discussion to be civilized. People make games. People play games. We should treat each other like people when we discuss games. 


Thank you and Welcome.